You've reached the personal page of Lucas Steuber. Welcome! I work with children from infancy to early adulthood in the areas of speech, language, and social thinking, with a specialization on design and intervention of augmentative and alternative communication and low-incidence disorders. My passion is support children of all learning profiles in their physical, academic, and social/emotional growth, particularly through clinical work but also in society as a whole. My work primarily occurs in-home, but I also see private clients in a number of Portland clinics and am also under contract to serve students in public schools in both Oregon and Washington State.

I'm the clinical director for the team that develops the iOS app FreeSpeech, which won Best of Show in its category at CES Asia and was the first special education tool to be honored in the #1 "Best New App" position on the iTunes store. I also work as a consultant to improve educational technology with a company I cofounded called GiveLanguage, and separately cofounded the educational website Speech Science.

When I'm not busy with all that other stuff I'm the Public Relations board member for Adler's Voice, an amazing nonprofit that provides augmentative and alternative communication devices to families who cannot afford them, I serve on the Board of Ambassadors for the Autism Society of Oregon, and work on the Autism Society of America's Strategic Planning and Core Services working groups.

My availability is limited, but I accept new clients as quickly as possible and promise constant communication. Please do not let concerns about timeline or cost keep you from reaching out to me at or (503) 943-0998.

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All of my good assistants keep getting into grad school. It's very irritating.
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