And thank YOU for attending the Pitt-Hopkins Research Foundation's 2016 scientific symposium and family conference! It was a great pleasure to meet all of you and I hope that what I shared was of value to you, and thank you also to Audrey Davidow Lapidus for the information. This was an amazing experience!

 - Lucas Steuber, MA-T, MS CCC/SLP


Some content has been removed - such as references to my employer - because the state does not allow endorsement of "opinions" in clinical presentations. Similarly, some case studies have been reduced for reason of limited public release. I also have removed references to my daughter because I 1) do not feel that I have the right to use her disability to underpin my professional career and 2) don't want her to find things like this in 20 years and feel poorly about the things I have shared.

As promised, here is the content from my presentation. You are welcome to share or reuse anything here with the exception of the clinical videos, for which I have consent to present in academic or training settings but not distribute to the public in general.


I can be reached at, or my personal cell, 541-321-9667. I'm always happy to consult, chat, or otherwise offer advice either to you, your existing SLP, school team, or all of the above. I'm also happy to review goals and IEPs. My availability is limited but I promise I'll do my best to find out the answers to questions I don't know, refer you to those who do if I need to, and provide constant communication. Language is a beautiful gift, and any part I can play in helping to foster and grow the skills of a child is hugely rewarding for me.

My cell is above, or the business line is 503-943-0998. I can also probably be found on Facebook if you look hard enough!

Even if you aren't local, feel free to reach out as my strategy is often to consult from a distance in order to help build a plan as unique as your child. For any of the above, please also feel free to just sign up for our very occasional emails (maybe four a year) that always have something worth reading.

Once again, thank you ALL for coming and know that you are appreciated and supported. Please do reach out to me if ever you need, whether via email, the form above, or my cell 541-321-9667. If I don't pick up that usually means I'm with students and will call back as fast as I can. All the best in everything that you - and your child - can accomplish in the new year!