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Lucas Steuber, MS CCC/SLP, MA-T

You've reached the personal page of Lucas Steuber. I work with children from infancy to early adulthood in the areas of speech, language, and social thinking, with a specialization on design and intervention of augmentative and alternative communication and low-incidence disorders. I work to support children of all learning profiles in their physical, academic, and social/emotional growth, and am the clinical director for the team that develops the iOS app FreeSpeech, which won Best of Show at CES China and was the first special education tool to be honored in the #1 "Best New App" position on the iTunes store. I also work as a consultant to improve educational technology with a company I cofounded called GiveLanguage.

My availability is limited, but I accept new clients as quickly as possible and promise constant communication. Please do not let concerns about timeline or cost keep you from reaching out to me at or (503) 943-0998.

For parent testimonials, samples of my related writing, and details on our 1:1 rates, please continue scrolling below.

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From our first session, Mo was at ease with Lucas.  In fact, he always looks forward to his appointments. I have been impressed with the fun atmosphere of the office space and the energy & friendliness of the staff. My son’s disease is rare and that makes his growing challenges quite unique.  Lucas has been ambitious and creative in the ways that he has approached my son’s particular case. I feel more confidence now when I think about my boy’s future. As a mom, it’s beyond encouraging to know that Mo is getting the best professional help available. 
— Cara Jacobson

I've been lucky enough to see my writing featured in academic, trade, and pop publications on topics as varied as language disorders in individuals diagnosed with Schizophrenia to the importance of incorporating personal identity in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems. Some recent selected writing includes:

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Enter Lucas. Rather than try to rationalize why Sonja was failing at this shiny expensive toy, he simply acknowledged the elephant in the room. The device was wrong for her and nothing was going to make this device right. Find something else - something better for what her challenges and skills needed.

Having a specific skill set regarding technology and how it can be used to improve communication for a non-verbal young woman with no ability to use her hands is one amazing thing. To be willing to step into the crucible of what it means to be challenged this way (on any level) and to be willing to walk through the successes and failures that process entails - that is an art.

Keep creating; we sorely need your art.
— Sara Barbee

Hourly Rates for 1:1 Private Pay

*All clients receive a FREE initial intake
**Scholarship eligibility subject to approved application.
***Private pay rates are subject to change based on travel time, frequency, and financial need.
I do not bill insurance directly but will provide you with all necessary paperwork to seek reimbursement.

Run by true professionals! Speech and language at its best.
— Michael McLeod